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After most of the courses have changed from physical teaching to online teaching in the past year, it is now time for the shop.

From now on you can also visit our new webshop!

The present time asks us to look for new ways.
Wherever we meet, physically or online, a personal and good service remains the starting point!

In Mother Earth’s Dye Kitchen I keep dyeing “small” amounts of wool, embroidery threads and materials to be felted by hand, which makes these materials special.
Did you just run out of the color you had in mind? The products from the dye kitchen can be reordered! Your order will be shipped when it is complete.

Because everything is dyed manually, colors may differ per bath. Screen settings can also affect the color of photos.
Do you still have doubts about something or do you have other questions? We prepare the order with care and take your wishes into account.

You will also find it in the webshop:

· Online courses and various materials you will need for this.

· Basic tools

· Specific materials, treasures, which I can often obtain in one-off batches.

My eye is always focused on striking materials that can be felted or combined with my felt work in another way. Exceptional materials lead to inspiration and the unique character makes these materials special.

Are there any questions, wishes, ideas? Please make them known.

Have fun in this virtual shop,