Felt supplies: Shirdak

Required materials for this course

The list below contains all the materials you will need to participate in the course.
You will already have some materials at home, some you will have to purchase.
You can obtain the materials in bold in my webshop and add them to your order via the link below.

If you cannot find certain materials, or if you have any other questions and / or comments regarding the materials list, please contact me and we will work it out together!

  • Felt supplies: Lukewarm soapy water, bowl, ball shower or similar, olive soap or whatever you are used to, roll material, net curtains or anti-slip to push the air out and a core like a pool noodle.
  • Drawing paper, colours and scissors
  • Pins, basting thread, sewing needles
  • A sharp knife with a straight cutting edge
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Thimble

For a pillow:

  • Upper colours 2 x 60 grams Tyrolean Mountain sheep in 2 different colours.
  • Bottom colour 150 grams Tyrolean Mountain sheep
  • 50 grams Woolen yarn in matching shades – thickness sock yarn

If you wish: two pillows

  • Bottom colour 300 grams Tyrolean Mountain sheep
  • Upper colours 2 x 120 grams in 2 different colours
  • 100 grams Wool yarn in matching shades – thickness sock yarn

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Tyrolean mountain sheep in the fleece

Tyrolean Mountain sheep


50 grams

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50 grams Tyrolean Mountain sheep

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Weight 51 g

White, Light grey, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, Light blue, Dark red

Wet felting tools
Felt supplies

Wet felting tools


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Wet felting tools

Anti-slip mat, Ball shower blue, Ball shower green, Ball shower orange, Felt mat, Full block wood, Large anti-slip mat with print, Large anti-slip mat without print, Olive soap, Pincers Gold (small – 11cm), Pinch Scissors Purple (small – 11cm), Squeeze scissors blue, Squeeze scissors purple, Squeeze scissors red, Underfloor for mold